To the Moon!

Digital media is the new frontier. We can boost your company's digital media business!

We provide web-based applications and tools to plan, facilitate and track digital media sales and rentals.

We will adapt our proven software packages to meet your company's specific needs.

Repertoire and Digital Asset Management

Our Databases keep track of all your digital content.

Movies, TV-Seasons and Episodes, Music and Interactive Content can be managed on IP-, Product- and Asset levels.

You can gather all your metadata and supplementary materials (from synopses to promotional images to bonus video material) in a centralized, easy-to-access location, both for in-house use and external partners.

Asset Storage and Delivery

Terabytes of Data? We are not afraid!

We can host your digital assets on our servers. We offer storage & archival, automated conversions to a multitude of formats, secure transfer to business partners or delivery to consumers.

Contact us for a tailor-made solution or try Clip connect (in german), our affordable ready-to-use system


HD? Surround? Anamorphic Cinemascope? Subtitles in Bulgarian?

Keep track of the production, encoding and delivery of your digital assets. Make sure all involved parties have up-to-date information.

Create Metadata XML files that confirm to the standards defined by iTunes and other digital media stores. Complete with synopses, scene pictures, trailers and everything you need to advertise your digital products.

Sales Tracking and Analysis

Where My Sales At?

Import item-by-item sales reports from digital media stores like iTunes.

Check for plausibility and inconsistencies.

Calculate your royalties! Percentages, Min fees, Minimum Guarantees - we can handle it.

Create a multitude of reports - analyse sales and royalties by date, title, HD/SD, genre, sales channel and more.

Billing and SAP interface included.

Our Clients

Amongst our satisfied customers you can find:

  • Warner Music Group Germany
  • Warner Bros. Digital Distribution Germany / Austria / Switzerland
  • Warner Home Video Germany / Austria / Switzerland

High-performance, Comprehensive,

M. Lerche
Senior Manager Business Development Central Europe
Warner Music Group

MOON VALLEY Officers & Crew

Jan-M. Studt
Moon Valley's Founder and Managing Director - Makes it work.

Arndt Dwenger
Chief Petty Officer - If it's too tough for you, then it's just right for me

Nathalie Wernsing
Executive Officer

Michael Volz
Senior Developer

Matthias Panczyk
Chief Developer

Moon Valley Crew Roster (continued)

Jörg Heinrich
Team Lead Physical Planning

Tobias Raetsch
Junior Developer

Sofia Bineva
Public Relations - Spreads the Word.

Mara Busch
Project Manager

Björn Wladasch
Senior Developer

Moon Valley Crew Roster (continued)

Roman Weber
Junior Developer

Mischa Beckaya
Junior Software Developer

Christian Rein
Senior Software Developer

Sigrid Janetzky
Senior Developer

The Moon needs Software Developers!

Required skills:

  • Experience building database-centric web-based applications
  • Excellent MySQL and/or MS-SQL skills
  • Excellent PHP skills
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills
  • Conceptional and analytical thinking
  • Advanced english language skills

We offer:

  • Exciting projects in the media business
  • Dynamic, fast-growing business
  • Pleasant working environment
  • Efficient, non-buerocratic organization

Please send your resumes to

The Moon needs Project Managers!

We are actively looking for experienced project managers in our Hamburg office.

Required skills:

  • Excellent english language skills
  • Experienced in managing complex IT projects
  • Strategic, conceptional and analytical thinking
  • Excellent communication skills

We offer:

  • Exciting projects in the media business
  • Dynamic, fast-growing business
  • Pleasant working environment
  • Efficient, non-buerocratic organization

Please send your resumes to

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm confused. What exactly is your company doing?
We provide tailor-made web-based software for big media companies.

I don't work at a big media company. What can MOON VALLEY do for my business?
We design and develop public-facing websites and online stores. Also we offer web-based business solutions like a time tracking system, a billing/invoicing system and online banking tools.

Are you hiring?
Yes. Please check the jobs section.

It sounds at least 20% cooler than Business Sales Planning Database Company...

Competence Network

K Media Consulting

While MOON VALLEY provides made-to-measure systems and technology for your enterprise, our partner Company K Media Consulting offers the experience and manpower to provide Business Intelligence and to assist you with your day-to-day operations.



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